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Short impression of Lexpo 2016 - the legal innovation event.


An uncharted world: 10 ways in which innovative business models have changed the shape of the legal market forever. Chris Bull has spent almost a decade working with new business models in legal services and his presentation highlights the new models, structures, entrants and technologies that have undermined every one of the certainties we held about the legal marketplace.


Be Not Afraid: Security in the Age of Breaches. How should legal teams think about security when breaches seem to happen every day? In brief, breaches do not happen at "light speed;" they are not the victim's fault; and offense isn't inherently dominant online. FireEye strategist Richard Bejtlich explains that a shift in strategy is the key to success.


Data-Driven Dialogue: how clients and law firms can work together to improve legal service delivery. The way legal services are delivered, rather than the quality of legal advice, is the main point of contention between lawyers and their clients. Casey Flaherty explains the importance and implications of nontraditional metrics in changing the way that legal services are discussed and, ultimately, delivered.


Legal Innovation: Back to the Future, or the End of History? It is 2026. Daniel Pollick is looking back on 10 years of tumultuous technology change in the legal industry, and asking himself key questions: What has changed? What hasn't changed? What won’t ever change? And what does this teach us about the future of technology?