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Monday 16 April

Time Title Speaker
08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:15

Opening Day 1

The legal profession is experiencing an unprecedented convergence, with an array of disciplines impacting its evolution and trajectory. Harnessing the power of this watershed moment requires a dynamic dialogue. In an effort to help attendees turn innovation into action, Lexpo emcee, Ari Kaplan, will engage, empower, and encourage an extraordinary assembly of thought leaders to offer practical perspectives in a two-day event designed to exceed your Lexpectations! 

Ari Kaplan

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote: AI and Blockchain - Why the next technology revolution will begin in the legal industry

The fact that legal data underpins commerce, governance, and justice places the legal industry in the best position to transmit the benefits of advanced technology, if and only if the unique nature of legal data can be reliably encoded in software. Until recently, software was incapable of parsing the complexity of legal data. Unlike other data, legal data must be verified as factual. Unlike other data, legal data encompasses not just information, but the interpretive wisdom of individual practitioners. The confluence of two technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence, will reliably encode legal data. Blockchain will verify and indelibly record legally relevant facts. Artificial intelligence will reason about verified facts with the preserved wisdom of the lawyers who train it, producing exponentially more accurate A.I. The resulting benefits have the potential to improve outcomes in every activity that the law touches.  

Brian Kuhn

David Fisher

10:15 - 10:45 Break  
10.45 - 12.15

Theme Session: Dynamic Knowledge Management


How modern knowledge management adds real value to the client relationship

Knowledge management was once considered merely a fringe, “nice-to-have” addition to law firm service offerings. Today, modern knowledge management is an indispensable part of delivering real value to clients and helping firms achieve their business goals. This presentation will show how KM has evolved by highlighting key approaches and discussing examples of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, harnessing data, and providing client-facing applications.


Hélène Russell Nicky Leijtens Andrea Miskolczi Knut-Magnar Aanestad


Patrick's presentation will be followed by a moderated panel discussion with panellists from leading legal organisations who will share their thoughts on the implications of Patrick's presentation.



Patrick DiDomenico


12.15 - 14.15

Midday break - Lunch will be served for the complete duration of this break

Parallel sponsor sessions

Each sponsor will provide two sessions:

  1. Session 1 - 12:45 - 13:15
  2. Session 2 - 13:30 - 14:00

Sponsors providing sessions:

  1. Formpipe - (1 + 2) The business impact of choosing and implementing a new DMS

    The business impact of choosing and implementing a new DMS

    Presenter: Trine Bagstevold, Finance Manager (Advokatfirmaet Ræder AS)

    Implementing a new DMS can cause major changes in a law firm. Advokatfirmaet Ræder AS has just replaced their old DMS with Contentworker and share their thoughts and give insights on their journey to choosing a new system.

    • How and why was change management important *What role did change management have *What was the sense of emergency?
    • What guiding coalitions were established?
    • How was a new vision formed in the organization?
    • What obstacles have they encountered, and what results and experience do they have after having been live for just a couple of weeks?
  2. iManage - (1) Four steps to implement “privacy by design” (2) Demystifying Legal Services & AI

    Session 1. (12:45 - 13:15) - Four steps to implement “privacy by design” (Stephen Murphy, iManage Sales Director and Deborah Garcia, Presales Technical Consultant)

    In this session we will walk through the 4 steps that a firm should take to secure their clients data through encryption, need to know security/ethical walls, retention management and real time threat detection of data breaches.

    Session 2. (13:30 - 14:00) - Embedding AI to enhance the delivery of Legal Services (Jan Van Hoecke, Chief Technology Officer iManage RAVN and Gareth Thomas, Sales Director iManage RAVN)

    In this presentation we will be focusing on how our clients are utilising  the iManage RAVN Platform to perform classification, extraction and linking of structured and unstructured information to provide assistance in due diligence, the creation of clause libraries and expertise location. We will also explore some of the challenges that law firms are facing around the deployment and adoption of AI technology and practical ways they can overcome these obstacles.

  3. HighQ - (1) From Buzzword to Solution: How technology can drive the future of your innovation and legal Project Management. (2) From Buzzword to Solution: Blockchain and Artifical Intelligence real live examples how it can be used today!

    Session 1. (12:45 - 13:15) From Buzzword to Solution: How technology can drive the future of your innovation and legal Project Management strategy (Sebastiaan Bos, Director of Solutions EMEA & Jantine de Jong, IT Consultant NautaDutilh)

    Sebastiaan will talk about how you can become a smarter Law firm or corporate legal department giving practical examples of Legal services, how to start and expand your Legal Project Management strategy. Jantine de Jong will explain NautaDutilh's approach to Legal innovation and will demo their innovation funnel product build in HighQ Collaborate.

    What you will learn:

    • Client services like Legal Project Management and other innovative services, live demo HighQ collaborate.
    • How to start and develop your innovation and digital transformation process.
    • How an innovation strategy and culture can be implemented in a Law firm.


    Session 2. (13:30 - 14:00) From Buzzword to Solution: Blockchain and Artifical Intelligence real live examples how it can be used today! (Sebastiaan Bos, Director of Solutions EMEA)

    Sebastiaan will show how you can productise your legal services for Law firms and corporate legal department using HighQ Collaborate and the brand new AI Hub. In the second part, Sebastiaan Bos will be joined by Peter Jidesten from Idefendo to give a live demo of a Blockchain solution integrated with HighQ Collaborate.

    What you will learn:

    • Productise and standardise your (in-house)legal services using HighQ Collaborate & HighQ's AI Hub.
    • How Blockchain technology can be used today with a live practical example and demo.
    • How you can use legal services and products in combination with HighQ Collaborate.
  4. Luminance - (1) Case study Q&A session with Delphi (2) New Generation AI: Giving lawyers back control

    Session 1. (12:45 - 13:15) - Case study Q&A session with Delphi

    Early doubt and scepticism of AI has now subsided as law firms are embracing the benefits of adoption. But the process can seem protracted and daunting for any busy law firm: how does AI technology get adopted into a firm, how can it add value and how does it transform the work of a law firm? Jaeger Glucina, Senior Legal Product Expert, and former lawyer, is joined by Sophia Lagerholm, Head of Knowledge Management at Delphi to discuss these questions and more to demonstrate their firms’ real-life experience of putting AI into practice.

    Session 2. (13:30 - 14:00) - New Generation AI: Giving control back to lawyers

    In theory, easy access to the vast amounts of data that lawyers must review should improve insight. And yet the ever-expanding data still needs to be analysed, and in an increasingly competitive climate, more quickly, within more constrained budgets. Fortunately, new generation AI - founded on breakthroughs in machine learning from the University of Cambridge - has arrived which puts the lawyer back in control. Lawyers can now accelerate and enhance their contract review enabling them to gain instant into documents in a matter of hours. Jaeger Glucina, Senior Legal Product Expert, and former lawyer, describes how the easy-to-use technology can be used to gain 75% time savings on contract review.

  5. Kira Systems - (1 + 2) Searching for the Plateau of Productivity with Machine Learning

    Searching for the Plateau of Productivity with ML

    In 2018, Gartner predicts that machine learning (ML) will reach the peak of inflated expectations. With hype surrounding ML reaching its peak, it can be difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t and select the right technology for the problem at hand.

    Drawing on the success stories from top global law firms, Kira Systems will help cut through the hype and prepare your organization for successful LegalAI-adoption.

    In this session, we will cover:

    • What machine learning contract review and analysis software is;
    • How to prepare a budget and requirements for LegalAI;
    • How to evaluate different contract analysis solutions;
    • An overview and live demo of Kira; and
    • Real-life illustrations of peer law firms successfully deploying Kira.
14.15 - 14.45

Applied legaltech: "I'm in the delay business" - Flightright's legaltech journey

In this session, Philipp will explain how his delayed flight from Amsterdam to Berlin made him a legal tech pioneer and founder of Flightright, next to being a partner of a German law firm. Today, Flightright is Europe's leading platform for passenger rights enforcement.
Philipp will talk about why technology was needed to survive and how competition forced him to build the new product Flightright Now, a fully automated AI-based product with a 24/7 pay-out in 7 minutes.


Philipp Kadelbach

14.45 - 15.30

The innovation gap: why law practice has failed to keep pace with technology and what to do about it

Innovation in legal technology is occurring at an unprecedented pace. Yet law practice remains mired in antiquated and inefficient methods. This is harmful to our clients, harmful to society at large, and ultimately harmful to our businesses. Why does this gap persist between innovation and practice? This session will offer both answers and solutions.


Bob Ambrogi

15.30 - 16.00


16.00 - 17.30

Theme Session: The Legal Blockchain


How will blockchains change the practice of law? (David Yermack)

This presentation - by a leading FinTech academic - will describe the operation and applications of blockchain technology, a significant innovation in record-keeping that is expected to change the nature of financial transactions, government databases, and commercial contracts in diverse areas including insurance, transport, health care, and many others. Blockchains may make lawyers and litigation unnecessary in certain settings, but blockchains may spawn new types of legal disputes in areas such as smart contracts, initial coin offerings, decentralized autonomous organizations, and hacking and data security. Many major law firms are creating FinTech practice groups to address these issues. 

Why Law firms want to create smart contracts and other Blockchain applications for future client use (Oliver N Oram)

Regarding Blockchain, law firms are mostly interested in the implementation of smart contracts. Firms are looking to utilize identity-, asset-, and encryption modules backed by Blockhain to create intelligent contracts. Creation of internal privately permissioned Blockchains is a commitment that very few law currently firms dare to make.
However, this is changing, Am Law 100 firm K&L Gates being an example. There is a strong need to recognize the importance of understanding and accessing Blockchain technology. This is not only true for law firms, but also for their entire client base.



David Yermack




Oliver N Oram

17.30 - 17.40

Closing Remarks Day 1

Ari Kaplan

17.40 - 19.00

Drinks Reception

18.00 - 21.00

Law4ce Round Table: Legal Project Management

Law4ce partners, a Lexpo'18 speaker and invited guests will discuss the increasing importance of Legal Project Management for law firms. 

This session is by invitation only

19.00 - 21.00

Tuesday 17 April

Time Title Speaker
08:00 - 08:45


08:45 - 09:00

Opening Day 2

Welcome and recap of day one, preview of day two with Master of Ceremonies Ari Kaplan.

Ari Kaplan

09:00 - 09:45

Keynote: BI or die

The life of most businesses is, to quote Hobbes, “nasty, brutish and short.” In this keynote, Business Intelligence innovator John Alber will talk about the very mortal legal business ecosystem and how truly effective BI can help firms and companies engage in the sort of constant redesign - call it business evolution - that produces survivors rather than victims.

John Alber

09:45 - 10:30

Theme Session: Legal Project Management


Latest fad or table stakes? What LPM is and why it matters

Legal project management is not just preparing a budget. It is a changing mindset and using project management approaches to enhance efficiency, improve client satisfaction and achieve competitive advantage in today’s legal marketplace. Susan Raridon Lambreth, will discuss the business case driving legal organizations to implement LPM, what LPM really is, what firms should consider prior to implementing an LPM program, and keys to achieving benefits through LPM.


Susan Lambreth

10:30 - 11:00 Break  
11.00 - 12.30

Theme Session: Legal Project Management


Becoming a believer - Using LPM to remain competitive in the changing legal market

Hear from two long time LPM practitioners about how their firms are using LPM techniques to improve client relationships and improve return on investment. The first step is helping lawyers understand the value of planning and proactively managing their engagements, regardless of complexity. Kim Craig of Seyfarth Shaw will discuss how her firm has implemented LPM and Lean Six Sigma with attorneys and clients to enhance client relationships and improve the performance of legal teams. David Rueff of Baker Donelson will discuss how he embraced LPM as a solution for his own practice, and then helped to create a program to make it easier for all firm lawyers to integrate it into their own practices.


Joanne Rees Piet Hein Meeter Hans Albers


The presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion with panellists from leading legal organisations who will share their thoughts on the implications of the presentations.



Kim Craig

David Rueff

12.30 - 14.30

Midday Break - Lunch will be served for the complete duration of this break

Parallel sponsor sessions

Each sponsor will provide two sessions:

  1. Session 1 - 13:00 - 13:30
  2. Session 2 - 13:45 - 14:15

Sponsors providing sessions:

  1. Aderant - (1) Create Your Lawyer Centric Digital Workspace (2) Making Sense of Big Data

    Session 1. (13:00 - 13:30) - Create Your Lawyer Centric Digital Workspace (Glenn LaForce, Vice President of Knowledge Management, Aderant)

    With the pace of decision making accelerating globally, not only is time a luxury, but the sheer amount of information available is growing exponentially as well. When all that content and information is stored in a variety of disparate systems, it can make projects as attractive as going to the dentist for a root canal. But what if you could harness all that information into an easy-to-use format and personalised to user preferences? In this session, you will learn how Aderant Handshake can transform your intranet into a key digital workplace that your lawyers and fee earners will love.

    Session 2. (13:45 - 14:15) - Making Sense of Big Data (Glenn LaForce, Vice President of Knowledge Management, Aderant)

    What used to be rooms full of paper in filing cabinets are now terabytes of digital storage on network servers. It was great to get those square metres of office space back for billable work, but with virtually unlimited digital space, all that information and data have grown to become almost nonsensical...until now. Imagine having the power and flexibility in doing a search, finding a particular client, and being able to see in-depth and secure financials, contact information, as well as client-related documents without having to leave the search results page. In this session you will learn how Aderant Handshake can help your lawyers and fee earners sift through mountains of data to find this key information and much more.

  2. BigHand - (1 + 2) Uncover your operational blindspot

    Uncover your operational blindspot (Matthew Davis, Client Solutions Manager, BigHand)

    • Find out how operational change will give you competitive advantage
    • Why creating transparency in support services is a vital first step
    • Understand how to deliver a quality service, at the right cost
    • Hear how other law firms are already seeing material benefits from this approach
  3. Wolters Kluwer - (1 + 2) Bringing AI to Legal Practitioners

    Wolters Kluwer - Bringing AI to Legal Practitioners

    Come and find out more about how Wolters Kluwer applies Artificial Intelligence to the legal space during our breakout session! The session will be led by Harm Bavinck, founder of legal technology company effacts, acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2015. Currently, Harm is responsible for driving business development within Wolters Kluwer's global Legal Software unit. The Legal Software unit, active in 10 countries worldwide, delivers cloud and on premise software to manage small to medium law firms, corporate legal departments & notary's offices. Market-leading solutions include effacts, Kleos and DictNow.

    Wolters Kluwer is a global leader in professional information, software solutions, and services for the health, tax & accounting, finance, risk & compliance, and legal sectors. We combine deep domain knowledge with specialized technology; for professional decision making with confidence.

    A sneak peek at our breakout session…

    If you look at information in the world today, 20% of information is structured. Computers love this type of information; with structured information, computers are able understand, analyze and act on this information. 80% of information is unstructured. Humans like this type of information; it includes speech, text, sound, pictures. Over the past 20+ years we have been able to drive great efficiency in the structured data space, getting computers to understand, analyze and act on data. We do not see that efficiency in the unstructured data space. In this space it is up to humans to understand, analyze and act. Legal practitioners spend extensive time working with unstructured data. Traditional technology is not capable of automating much of the work legal practitioners perform, and therefore the expansion of legal businesses requires bringing on more people. And not only that: there are some insights that would require such great quantities of human analysis to achieve that for all practical purposes, those insights are unachievable. So what does the application of artificial intelligence technologies do to this equation? Join us to find some answers!

  4. Workshare - (1) Has your email gone to the wrong John? (2) Clifford Chance and the implementation of Workshare Transact

    Session 1. (13:00 - 13:30) - Has your email gone to the wrong John?

    Investigating, selecting and implementing email data loss prevention (DLP) solutions within a law firm can be a daunting task. It has the potential to frustrate users, burden IT teams with false positive investigations and stretch IT budgets to breaking point. In this short but informative session, Workshare’s Nick Thomson shows how to get the most out of your time and budgets by analyzing your mail flow to accurately quantify DLP risk, enabling you to implement an appropriate security strategy.

    Join us and to hear how:

    • Compliance is being driven by data regulators and increasingly stringent client audit requirements.
    • To gain clear visibility without over burdening your team, enabling you to make rock solid DLP investment and policy decisions.
    • To combine data from multiple sources, such as ethical wall and document management solutions, to make accurate interventions and adjustment your DLP technology.
    • How to leverage AI & Machine Learning to apply legal-specific DLP checks and track client and matter file distribution across your mail flow.

    Session 2. (13:45 - 14:15) - Clifford Chance and the implementation of Workshare Transact

    One of the main themes of Lexpo 2018 is to understand how legal firms plan to use Legal Project Management tools to remain competitive in an ever changing market, which is why this session will showcase Workshare Transact’s adoption by Clifford Chance, one of the world’s major law firms, in delivering a perfect deal closing for their clients.

    In a Q&A session coordinated by Fiona McClune; Global Sales Director for Workshare Transact, representatives of Clifford Chance will talk through what prompted their decision to use Transact, how they envision the roll out and the benefits they believe the platform will bring to clients and their deal closings.

    In this session, we will cover:

    • An overview of Workshare Transact
    • How to deliver a perfect deal closing; and
    • Real-life illustrations of Clifford Chance successfully deploying Workshare Transact.
  5. Bizzomate / Peppertree - (1) Stay Relevant: “Increase your value add with Low Code Development” (2) Be Decisive: “Productise, Optimise and Standardise your legal services using decision management”

    Session 1. (13:00 - 13:30) Stay Relevant: “Increase your value add with Low Code Development” (Bizzomate & Mendix)

    Bizzomate and Mendix will demonstrate how a low code platform will help you stay relevant to your clients. Using a set of customer use cases we will show how a low code platform will support your digital innovation journey today, tomorrow and next year.
    Easy, fast and flexible, Drag & Drop app development will enable your business to quickly built prototypes that are production ready in weeks, not months.

    You will learn how low code development complements your existing systems and:

    • Provides quick answers to ad-hoc business and client requirements;
    • Prevents an “app-jungle”;
    • Creates inhouse development, without inhouse developers;
    • Puts your business in the driving seat!

    Session 2. (13:45 - 14:15) Be Decisive: “Productise, Optimise and Standardise your legal services using decision management” (Peppertree & Avola)

    Peppertree and Avola will explain why every law firm or legal department should implement decision management. Using cross sector success stories, you will learn why and how enterprises benefit from decision model & notation.
    Create internal and external expert solutions using the decision management platform Avola that will help you to be more productive, manage risk and strengthen client relationships.

    You will learn how decision management will enable you to:

    • Productise, optimise and standardise your legal services
    • Create smart and flexible online apps without IT;
    • Quickly adhere, react and simulate to changing regulation;
    • Put your business in the driving seat!
  6. Iridium Technology - (1) Law Firm Profitability: Trends and Dynamics from a Global Market Perspective (2) Improve your approach to Pricing with Iridium BI

    Session 1. (13:00 - 13:30) - Law Firm Profitability: Trends and Dynamics from a Global Market Perspective (Fraser Mayfield, Director EMEA & Joe Zogbhi, COO at Iridium Technology)

    This session will provide an executive overview of the latest insights and business drivers in law firm profitability analysis and reporting with the global legal market. The briefing will be led by Fraser Mayfield, Director EMEA for Iridium Technology. Iridium provides business intelligence and profitability solutions for law firms in the US, APAC, and UK/EMEA. The firms cover all sizes, from single-office to multi-national. This session will highlight the current trends and upcoming developments for profitability analysis and reporting by firms in the US and other regions. The session will include numerous "mini case studies" to show how the trends are being applied by firms.

    Session 2. (13:45 - 14:15) - Improve your approach to Pricing with Iridium BI (Fraser Mayfield, Director EMEA & Joe Zogbhi, COO at Iridium Technology)

    This session focuses on addressing the challenges faced by law firms in regards to accurate pricing. The session will focus on helping legal and pricing professionals to:

    • Improve client service by creating proposals quickly
    • Create budgets via hours or fixed amounts
    • Budget by period to align with client outcomes
    • Receive alerts to identify issues quickly
    • Provide financial analysts with tools to investigate
14.30 - 15.30

Chief Incubators Q&A

For this session, moderated by Ari Kaplan, we have invited the leaders of three law firm legaltech-incubators. Each of the speakers will talk about their initiatives, what they hope to achieve and share some of the early results. They will each deliver a 10-minute presentation and will then be happy to take questions from the audience. The presenters:

  • Shruti Ajitsaria - Head of Fuse (Allen & Overy)
  • Ben Kingsley - Co-Head of Fintech Fast Forward (Slaughter and May)
  • Nicholas Kirby - Managing Associate of MDR LAB (Mishcon de Reya)


Shruti Ajitsaria

Ben Kingsley

Nick Kirby

15.30 - 16.00


16.00 - 17.30

Theme Session: Business Intelligence / Data Science


The law’s quants: strategies for propelling data science into legal practice (Karl Haraldsson)

Using data science in legal practice is hard. Stakeholders are skeptical and well-structured practice data is rare. This session discusses how legal organizations can address the cultural and technical obstacles to quantifying the law.

Analytics: a data-driven approach to the transformation of law firms and the way they practice law (Eric Falkenberry)

Data science and analytics allow us to gain insight from information in a way unfathomable just a few years ago, and is not only changing how we practice law, but is also transforming the way in which  law firms operate. This discussion will explore how these analytics are created, how they can be used to increase efficiencies and lead to better decision making, and how they will fundamentally transform law firms and the manner in which law is practiced.


Karl Haraldsson

Eric Falkenberry 

17.30 - 17.35

Closing Remarks Day 2

Ari Kaplan

17.35 - 19.00

Drinks Reception