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Lexpo Announces Harvard Law School Fellow Heidi Gardner as Keynote Speaker for Lexpo’19


Amsterdam, 29 October 2018 - Lexpo, Continental Europe’s most prestigious legal innovation event, today announced Heidi Gardner as keynote speaker. Dr Gardner is a Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession, a Lecturer on Law, and Faculty Chair of the school’s Accelerated Leadership Program. She was previously a professor at Harvard Business School.

At Lexpo’19, Dr Gardner will be talking about smart collaboration in the legal industry. Clients need their lawyers to team up help them address increasingly complex problems—the kinds that only teams of multidisciplinary experts can tackle. The payout for “smart collaboration” is significant: law firms earn higher margins, in-house legal departments provide greater value to their organizations, and all legal entities attract and retain better talent when their workforce collaborates across boundaries. 

Partners might recognize the need to change, but their buy-in doesn’t always translate to a change in behaviour. Working together often seems messy, risky, and expensive. The keynote will draw on new empirical research and case studies to reveal practical ways that the best firms and clients add value by collaborating.

Rob Ameerun, organiser of Lexpo, commented: “We are extremely grateful to have Dr Gardner as Lexpo keynote speaker on the collaboration theme. I can’t think of a better speaker then Dr Gardner to educate our visitors about this important subject.”

Just like the previous three editions of Lexpo, visitors can expect the world’s best speakers. In addition to the keynotes, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, Lexpo’19 will feature new session formats:

  • Round Table Sessions – to stimulate probing discussions, Lexpo’19 will feature round table discussions. Facilitated by seasoned subject matter experts, Lexpo visitors will be able to discuss burning issues and emerging trends.
  • Case Study Presentations – at Lexpo’19 we will invite project leaders to talk about their innovative projects and how these contributed to operational improvements.

Heidi Gardner: "The Lexpo audience is ideally placed to take advantage of smart collaboration, and I’m excited to help push forward everyone’s thinking about why and how to make progress."